CD F. Couperin

Aline Zylberajch tire du merveilleux clavecin Ruckers-Taskin les plus intimes confidences sans jamais se complaire dans le bavardage (Le Monde de la Musique)

The harpsichord pieces are played with exquisite taste and care and make full sensible use of the instrument  (early music review, novembre 2003)

Aline  Zylberajch plays with great skill, judgment and empathy for the music (...) Couperin's own musical imagery (...)is allowed to emerge spontaneously.. Straightaway in the first track ( le Dodo ou l'Amour au berceau) we are lulled by the caressing trills : it has the effect here of transporting the listener into mythical Cythera. (Gramophone, décembre 2003)